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Member Publications

  • CLHE Digest

Members receive a weekly electronic digest offering the most comprehensive review of developments in Congress, the Department of Education, the courts, and in the states.  Plus, this unique publication provides members the latest campus trends and practices along with opinion pieces on higher education.

  • CLHE Journal

This is the free monthly electronic journal of CLHE.  Members receive timely analysis, compliance tips, interviews, and opinion on the critical issues affecting campuses.  The articles are written in a straightforward and concise fashion, designed to be of practical benefit to members.

  • Quick Takes

When developments and other interesting stories of interest to members occur, CLHE sends out brief summaries and perspective to members via the member listserve.

Member Listserve

Members can join a private email discussion forum to discuss important issues, receive Quick Takes, and more.

Free Teleseminars

This benefit by itself is worth the nominal price of membership: All CLHE teleseminars are absolutely free for members! For many organizations, the cost of only one or two programs would exceed the cost of CLHE membership!

Major Discount on CLHE’s Live and On-Demand Webinar Series

CLHE members receive a major discount on the organization’s webinar series.  For the price of just one program, members can participate in numerous live and on-demand webinars throughout the membership year.

Discounts on Books

Members receive a 20% discount on all CLHE print books.

2014-2015 Membership Categories and Prices

(Membership Year is July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015)

Institutional/Organizational/Law Firm Memberships*

CLHE institutional/organizational membership is unlike any other organization’s institutional memberships because you can have an unlimited number of individuals receive the benefits! Primary representative receive all the mailed publications: $275

Schools of Education Memberships*

You must be in a school/department of education, within a college or university to receive benefits-this includes full-time employees only of the school/department of education (i.e. faculty, dean of the school of education): $125

Full-Time Faculty Memberships

Faculty (the individual must work full-time as a faculty member and hold a title such as Professor, Associate Professor, Instructor: $35

Student Membership

Student (Must be a full-time student): $15


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IMPORTANT: When using the online form, if you have any problems with your credit card going through, please call CLHE at (561) 792-4440. Many times the error could be a wrong credit card number, or for institutions, the business office may be blocking charges.