Protecting Personally Identifiable Information Cover

Protecting Personally Identifiable Information:
A Guide for College and University Administrators

Lead Author: Peter McLaughlin
Senior Counsel, Foley & Lardner LLP

Contributing Authors and Editors

Expected Release Date: March, 2011
Dimensions: 6 x 9 Expected
Pages: Approximately 112 pages

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Table of Contents


Part I. The Risks of Maintaining Personally Identifiable Information

  • Chapter 1: Data Breaches on Campus
  • Chapter 2: Recent Trends in Data Security Litigation and Regulatory Enforcement

PART II: What Federal and State Laws Apply to Securing Data?

  • Chapter 3: The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Safeguards Rule
  • Chapter 4: State and Federal Laws on Social Security Numbers
  • Chapter 5: State Breach Notification Laws

PART III: Practical Steps to Protect Information and Respond to Breaches

  • Chapter 6: Protecting an Institution’s Information
  • Chapter 7: Responding to an Incident


Colleges and universities maintain a significant amount of personally identifiable information. Administrators and faculty, across each institution, play a major role in ensuring that this information is properly protected. There are challenges though in protecting this information as can be seen by the data breaches that occur at institutions. Concern over information security has gotten the attention of policymakers on both the state and federal levels, and new legal theories on liability also indicate institutions may need to worry about legal risk beyond federal and state statutes.

This guide is a much-needed practical resource that is useful to the advanced IT professional but is primarily designed to be accessible for the less technologically advanced administrators. The book provides a clear picture of the nature of information security problems, the laws that must be complied with, and practical steps for institutions to take in order minimize the likelihood of a data breach. Throughout the book, there are highlighted important tips and case studies to provide clear examples for administrators. Every administrator on campus should be well-versed on how to protect personally identifiable information—this book is a great tool to achieve that objective.

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