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Protecting Personally Identifiable Information CoverProtecting Personally Identifiable Information: A Guide for College and University Administrators

Colleges and universities maintain a significant amount of personally identifiable information. Administrators and faculty, across each institution, play a major role in ensuring that this information is properly protected. There are challenges though in protecting this information as can be seen by the data breaches that occur at institutions. Concern over information security has gotten the attention of policymakers on both the state and federal levels, and new legal theories on liability also indicate institutions may need to worry about legal risk beyond federal and state statutes.

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2008 Annual Review of Higher Education Law & Policy
Book and CD

Interested in higher education law and policy? Do you want analysis of the major developments in areas such as financial aid, immigration, freedom of speech, disability law, and much more? If you work on a campus, this new book and CD is an absolute must!

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